Vote on Tuesday, September 1 and Tuesday, November 3

Grit. Strength. Solidarity.
That's what it means to be a Laborer.

Together, we work hard every day, building and servicing our communities. As one team, we get the job done right. This election season, it’s no different — we need to get the job done right.

From Capitol Hill to Beacon Hill, we need champions who’ll defend our unions, and the ability to protect our jobs, our benefits, and our livelihoods.

When informed Laborers stand together, we win. When we vote, we keep our Unions strong for years to come. We need you to do your part. Register to vote. Learn about the candidates who’ll represent our best interests. Get your fellow members and family involved. And whether you vote mail-in, or in person show up at the ballot box.
Your vote can influence:
Your pay
Your healthcare
Your rights
Not sure where to start? Click the links below.
Joe Biden for U.S. President. Endorsed by the Massachusetts & Northern New England Laborers’ District Council PAC.

Not Registered?

Did you recently turn 18? Or want to change your party or registration address? Not sure if you’re registered to vote? Never voted and want to register? Just click the link for your state below. You will need your Driver’s ID or State ID and proof of residency.

Voting by Mail

  • This is the safest way to do your part. Due to COVID-19, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts has enacted a law allowing residents to submit mail-in ballots to cast their votes in the state primary and general elections. 
  • Pre-paid vote-by-mail applications for the general will be sent from the Secretary of State’s office to all registered voters by September 14. You can request a print or online ballot. 
  • Requests can also be made in writing or at a city or town clerk’s office. 
  • Applications to get a ballot for the general election will need to be returned by 5 PM on Wednesday, October 28.
  • To vote by mail, you must send their applications at least four business days before the election and have ballots postmarked on or before Nov. 3. Clerks will accept those ballots until 5 p.m. on Nov. 6.
  • Mail-In Voter Registration Form
  • You can request absentee voter registration forms and instructions from your clerk before requesting an absentee ballot.
  • If you are returning your completed absentee ballot by U.S. Mail, the clerk must receive it by 5:00 PM on Tuesday, November 3 for the general election. 
  • You may also deliver it to the clerk’s office in-person or by a delivery agent until 5:00 p.m. on the day before the election. A delivery agent may deliver it to the clerk at the polling place until 5 p.m. on election day. Family members, nursing home and elder care facility administrators, and a person assisting a voter with a disability who signs the absentee ballot can serve as a delivery agent. 
  • Absentee Ballot Applications
  • Request an absentee ballot using the online portal below. Then click “All Other Voters”.
  • All requests must be received no later than 8 PM on Tuesday, November 3, the day of the general election. 
  • Absentee Ballot Request Portal

Where to Vote in Person

To figure out where to vote, select your state below.

Voting Early

Early votes will be fed into the tabulator machine as soon as they’re received.
New Hampshire

Our Champions

Now more than ever, we need to have strong representation. That’s why we need to use our collective power at the polls and vote the candidate who are committed to defending unions and supporting every worker and New Englander.
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Our Endorsed Candidates Will Support
U.S. Senate
U.S. SENATE – Massachusetts

Edward J. Markey (D)

U.S. Senate – New Hampshire

Jeanne Shaheen (D)

U.S. house of representatives
1st Congressional – Massachusetts

Richard Neal (D)


James P. McGovern (D)


Lori Loureiro Trahan (D)


Jake Auchincloss (D)


Katherine M. Clark (D)

6th Congressional – Massachusetts

Seth Moulton (D)


Ayanna S. Pressley (D)

8th Congressional – Massachusetts

Stephen Lynch (D)


Bill Keating (D)

1st Congressional – New Hampshire

Chris Pappas (D)

2nd Congressional – New Hampshire

Annie Kuster (D)


Chellie Pingree (D)


Jared Golden (D)


Peter Welch (D)

Worcester y Middlesex District: sin respaldo
Worcester y Norfolk District – Sin nominaciones
New Hampshire

David Watters – Distrito 4

Suzanne Prentiss – Distrito 5

Jay Kahn – Distrito 10

Cindy Rosenwald – Distrito 13

Sharon Carson – Distrito 14

Kevin Cavanaugh – Distrito 16

Donna Soucy – Distrito 18

Lou D’Allesandro – Distrito 20

Tom Sherman – Distrito 24

Ninth Norfolk District – No Endorsement
Robin Scheu — Addison, 1st District
Amy Sheldon — Addison, 1st District
Peter Conlon — Addison, 2nd District
Mari Cordes — Addison, 4th District
Caleb Elder —  Addison, 4th District
Nelson Brownell — Bennington, 1st District
David K. Durfee — Bennington, 3rd District
Kathleen James — Bennington, 4th District
Chip Troiano — Caledonia, 2nd District
Scott Campbell  — Caledonia, 3rd District
Henry Pearl — Caledonia, Washington
Jim McCullough — Chittenden, 2nd District
Trevor J. Squirrell — Chittenden, 3rd District
George Till — Chittenden, 3rd District
Michael “Mike” Yantachka — Chittenden, 4-1 District
Bill Lippert — Chittenden, 4-2 District
Kate Webb — Chittenden, 5-1 District
Jessica Brumsted — Chittenden, 5-2 District
Robert Hooper — Chittenden, 6-1 District
Carol Ode — Chittenden, 6-1 District
Emma Mulvaney-Stanek — Chittenden, 6-2 District
Jill Krowinski — Chittenden, 6-3 District
Curt McCormack — Chittenden, 6-3 District
Brian Cina — Chittenden, 6-4 District
Selene Colburn — Chittenden, 6-4 District
Barbara Rachelson — Chittenden, 6-6 District
Hal Colston — Chittenden, 6-7 District
Martin LaLonde — Chittenden, 7-1 District
Ann Pugh — Chittenden, 7-2 District
John Killacky — Chittenden, 7-3 District
Maida F. Townsend — Chittenden, 7-4 District
Tanya Vyhovsky — Chittenden, 8-1 District
Lori Houghton — Chittenden, 8-2 District
Curt Taylor — Chittenden, 9-1 District
Sarita Austin — Chittenden, 9-2 District
Mike McCarthy — Franklin, 3-1 District
Mitzi Johnson — Grand Isle, Chittenden
Kate Donnally — Lamoille, 2nd District
Daniel Noyes — Lamoille, 2nd District
Avram Patt — Lamoille, Washington
David Yacovone — Lamoille, Washington
Sarah Copeland Hanzas — Orange, 2nd District
Jay Hooper — Orange, Washington, Addison
Katherine Sims — Orleans, Caledonia
Mary E. Howard — Rutland, 5-3 District
William Notte — Rutland, 5-4 District
Stephanie Z. Jerome — Rutland, 6th District
Logan Nicoll — Rutland, Windsor 2nd District
Peter D. Anthony — Washington, 3rd District
Tommy Walz — Washington, 3rd District
Mary S. Hooper — Washington, 4th District
Warren Kitzmiller — Washington, 4th District
Kimberly Jessup — Washington, 5th District
Janet Ancel — Washington, 6th District
Kari Dolan — Washington, 7th District
Maxine Grad — Washington, 7th District
Sara Coffey — Windham, 1st District
Emilie Kornheiser — Windham, 2-2 District
Mollie S. Burke  — Windham, 2-2 District
Tristan Toleno — Windham, 2-3 District
Carolyn W. Partridge — Windham, 3rd District
Mike Mrowicki — Windham, 4th District
Emily Long — Windham, 5th District
John Gannon — Windham, 6th District
Thomas A. Bock — Windsor, 3-1 District
John O’Brien — Windsor, Orange, 1st District
Tim Briglin — Windsor, Orange, 2nd District
Jim Masland — Windsor, Orange, 2nd District

Important Dates to Remember

  • Saturday, October 17: MA Federal Primary Early Voting Begins 
  • Saturday, October 24: Deadline to Register to Vote in MA General Election 
  • Friday, October 30: MA Federal Election Early Voting Ends 
  • Wednesday, October 28, 5 PM: Deadline to Submit Mail-In Ballot Application for MA Primary (Postmarked) 
  • Tuesday, November 3: Federal Election
  • Tuesday, November 3: Federal Election
  • Monday, October 19: Deadline to Register to Vote in General Election – Mail-In or In Person 
  • Saturday, October 31, Deadline to Request an Absentee Ballot 
  • Tuesday, November 3: Federal Election 
  • Tuesday, November 3, 8 PM: Deadline to Return Completed Absentee Ballot

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