We work hard every day, building and servicing our communities. And as one team, we get the job done right.


This election season, it’s no different. We need to get the job done right by electing champions who will fight for unions and families like ours. In the midst of a global pandemic and beyond, our jobs, our benefits, and our livelihoods depend on who we elect into office.

Our endorsed candidates will stand shoulder-to-shoulder with us at every level of government. We need leaders who will represent our interests, and keep our unions strong for years to come. Candidates like Joe Biden and Joe Kennedy III in Massachusetts will support working families, safe job sites across New England, fair contractor standards, and more.

All across New England, we are building a movement to elect union champions. That’s why we’re launching the Laborers Vote, Laborers Win campaign — to elect political leaders who’ll fight for us every day. We’ve launched, complete with all the tools and information you need to make your plan to vote this election season. We’re also posting regular updates on social media on Facebook at @LaborersVoteLaborersWinPAC and Twitter at @masslaborersPAC.

We know that when informed Laborers stand together, we win. It’s true on the job. It’s true at the bargaining table. And it’s true at the ballot box.

Are you ready to do your part? Learn how to register to vote and elect the candidates who’ll fight for us. Then, encourage your Brothers, Sisters, and family members to vote this election season. 

In Solidarity,

Joe Bonfiglio
Business Manager
Massachusetts and Northern New England Laborers’ District Council

Louis Mandarini Jr.

Local 22

Kevin Melanson

Local 39  

Frank Calabro

Local 88

Mark Burns

Local 133 
Dave Sargo 

Local 138  

Allan Boyer 

Local 151 

Michael Gagliardi

Local 175

Martin Walsh

Local 223  

Kevin Duffy

Local 243  
Lewis Overlock 

Local 327

Victor Pereira

Local 385  

Thomas Erickson

Local 429 

Ron Holmes

Local 473  

Paul Pavone

Local 560 

Colton Andrews

Local 596  

Chris Murphy

Local 609  

Joe Constancia 

Local 610  

Dennis Robertson

Local 668

Andrew Marshall

Local 721  

Dave Araujo

Local 876

David Spechuilli 

Local 976 

D.J. Tranghese

Local 999   

Thomas C. Troy

Local 1421 



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