Laborers – 

This election, our jobs, our benefits, and our livelihoods are at stake. Donald Trump claims to look out for American workers, but he’s actually spent the last four years bypassing labor laws, cutting workers’ pay, and trading good union jobs for tax cuts for the super-wealthy.

We need a leader who’s had our back from the very beginning. We need Joe Biden. 

Watch our latest video to learn how Joe Biden will protect our unions for years to come.

As Vice President, Joe Biden had our backs. He doesn’t just talk about union rights and workers; his voting record shows a history of defending them. 

As President, Joe Biden will continue to protect our right to organize, shore up pensions, and create good union jobs in the new economy. He’s the labor ally we need, and together, we can elect him and other union champions to make our voices heard at every level of government. 

When we stand together, we can get anything done. 

In Solidarity,

Massachusetts & Northern New England Laborers’ District Council Political Action Committee 



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