Register to Vote

Did you recently turn 18? Or want to change your party or registration address? Not sure if you’re registered to vote? Never voted and want to register? Just click the link for your state below. You will need your Driver’s ID or State ID and proof of residency.
Select your state below:


  • The registration deadline for the primary is Saturday, August 22.
  • The registration deadline for the general election is: Saturday, October 24.

New Hampshire

  • Click Joint Guidance Voter Registration, then scroll to last page: COVID-19 Related Registration and Voting Instructions.  
  • You may request absentee voter registration forms and instructions from your clerk before requesting an absentee ballot. Supervisors must review and approve your application. They are required to meet on a date 6 to 13 days before the November 3, 2020 general election. The supervisors will review your application at that meeting. 
  • You are registered to vote when the supervisors approve the application. 


  • Completed voter registration cards may be hand delivered or mailed to your town office or city hall.
  • If you’re a new Maine voter and mail this card, you must include a photocopy of proof of identification.
  • There is no cut-off date for in person voting. If you want to register to vote by mail, the cut-off is 21st day before the election: Tuesday, October 13 for the federal election.

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